Makmur Global Consulting 

Your gateway to succesful Business Development abroad

Leading Management Consulting

We are a leading expert in connecting people, companies and create new bussiness opportunities between Europe and Asia. We are a trusted party when it comes to analyzing and evaluate a market before investing and entering a market. With our broad and wide network we can support in any sort of partner search - distributor and agent, manufacturer or supplier. Moreover,  we can also help out with investments or scouting for investors to particular projects or funding in general.

  • Market Research
  • Partner search
  • Supply Management
  • Strategy Management
  • Funding & Investment

Market leader in ventilation

We opened the market in Indonesia and Thailand for a market leader in ventilation.


We support a EU-based insualtion company to enter the market in a few EU and Southeast Asian countries.


We helped a EU-based company to scout for distributors in Asia, as well as production opportunites.

Our Portfolio

Part from the Management Consulting we do also offer a wide range of products within the area of energy saving and efficency.

  • BMS-systems and general control-systems for predictive maintenance and control
  • Insulation for existing buildings
  • Ventilation and air purification, new and existing buildings